In 1899 Franz Viegener created a company in Attendorn, Germany manufacturing beer taps, forged from brass, for their domestic market. Continuing the family business, in 1921 his son founded a new company called FV in Buenos Aires, Argentina manufacturing brass faucetry.

Attendorn, Germany


Franz Viegener created a company in Attendorn, Germany

Attendorn, Germany


Francisco Viegener founded FV in Buenos Aires

Attendorn, Germany


Begins the leadership in the faucets market

Attendorn, Germany


Built a new 60.000 sqf industrial plant

United States


The company starts in the United States

Premium Collection


Release of the Franz Viegener Premium Collection

Growing and expanding in the last 90 years

It became one of South America’s largest faucet companies. With over 5,000 employees, in Argentina as well as Ecuador, the company is now selling over half a billion dollars in brass goods.

Premium Collection

Continuing in their expansion, they have recently created a new segment to their offering called FRANZ VIEGENER Premium Collection, a high-end luxury faucet line. The goal was to create a high quality, design oriented, luxury product that would exceed the standards of designers and architects worldwide.

Unique and exceptional product

To accomplish this goal we needed to rethink the process of how we design and build our products. We chose a handful of our finest engineers and designers to come up with a unique and exceptional product line.

High quality line

We built a small factory within our factory to create a handcrafted, high quality line. Each one of these products are painstakingly machined, polished, assembled, tested and packaged with utmost care to assure the finest lines we have ever produced.

Lifetime limited warranty

We are so sure of our products, that we offer a lifetime limited warranty (to the original purchaser) to be free of defects in workmanship or material under normal use and service.